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No of Vacancies : 1
Qualification : AREA OF RESPONSIBILITY: - To be responsible for balance sheet funding and liquidity management inline with the business projections. - Optimizing interest costs, negotiating terms and maintaining liaison with local commercial banks/offshore banks, sourcing of deposits and raising funds through debts/equity instruments. - Scoping for various alternative funding avenues with a view to lower the cost and increasing diversification. - Maintaining adequate mix of long term to short term borrowing, managing interest rate and Fx risk. - Supervision and control of day-to-day treasury operation and management - Making sure that Company meets all its financial obligations in a timely manner - Monitoring interest rate position and maturity gap management, and actively driving ALCO with respect to the company's ALM, Liquidity, Interest rate risk and Asset pricing - Estimating the interest cost impact on the Company and providing necessary inputs for annual budgets and future projections. - Any other tasks as may be set out by the CEO/DGM, from time to time. Education: MBA Finance, ACCA, Chartered Accountant or equivalent. Minimum 10 years of experience.
Last date : 2019-01-20
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No of Vacancies : 1
Qualification : The Qualification is as follows: Licensed lawyer within Oman, able to represent MF to the courts, attend hearings and file cases, without need to go through a legal firm. English speaking and writing skills are highly preferred. Experience Experience with recoveries and filing legal cases against financial defaulters, especially from a finance company perspective. If not, at least a bank. Good knowledge of and experience with filing legal cases against defaulters, knowledge of the court systems, the procedures needed to be carried out for the recovery and preferably a good rapport with court officials who handle execution cases. Good track record of recoveries, especially from difficult accounts. Experience with preparing and discussing reports related to recoveries, e.g., cases filed, status of cases, migration of cases, probabilities of recovery etc. Some exposure to corporate law to handle in-house corporate matters, like vetting of agreements with consultants etc. Experience with leading a legal team, handling employee related issues and conflict resolution. Minimum 7 years of experience, but can be waived if the candidate shows good potential.
Last date : 2019-01-17
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